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Ways To Experience Maori Culture In New Zealand

New Zealand is a great tourist destination. Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, it is a place of adventure too. If you plan to visit New Zealand then you should experience the Maori culture.

The Maori people are the indigenous people of this region who have held to their culture and traditions for many years. It will be a thrilling and memorable experience. Here are some ways to experience the Maori culture.

Eat a Hangi

This is a traditional cooking method where food is cooked in a pit with heated rocks. You can eat meat and root vegetables this way. You will find that the food tastes different not only because of the local ingredients but also of the traditional cooking method.

Watch the Haka

You should watch the Haka. It is a traditional dance performed by the Maori people. The New Zealand rugby team All Blacks have demonstrated it before many rugby matches as it’s part of their culture. You can watch the Haka dance performed by the Maori people. If you want you can take dance lessons from them too.

Stay overnight in a Marae

A Marae is a meeting place for the Maori communities. You can stay here overnight to observe Maori people and their culture. You will see their dance performances and the way they cook and eat. You can hear stories of the Maori people and know about the forest.

Visit Rotorua

Rotorua is a beautiful place where you will see hot springs and mud pools. You can visit the Tamaki Maori village from here and stay overnight. You can also visit Whakarewarewa village.

The people of this village welcome visitors all the time to teach them about their way of living. The Mitai Maori village is also worth visiting. Apart from village cruising, you can go for a white water rafting and visit the Rotorua Museum.

Attend the Pasifika festival

This is an annual festival that is celebrated in Auckland. It marks the pacific tradition and heritage. It started in 1993 and you will see performances and experience cuisines from many villages. This is a great way to experience New Zealand’s rich culture.

Visiting Maori villages and learning about their way of life will be very adventurous. You can also learn a lot about the traditional culture of the indigenous people of New Zealand.