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Best Festivals To Attend In New Zealand

New Zealand is a culture-rich country. Here people celebrate tradition and their ways of life. Many festivals take place throughout the year which attracts both local people and that outside. Here you will learn about some of the best festivals in New Zealand.

Auckland Lantern Festival

This festival will remind you of the Chinese New Year. In mid-February every year the Albert Park is lit up with several lanterns. The celebration ends with beautiful fireworks.

You can have Chinese and other cuisines during the festival. Dance and music performances and martial arts are also part of the celebration. This event is attended by the Chinese and local people.

Maori Kai Festival

You can experience the Maori culture through this festival. You can taste some great Maori dishes prepared traditionally. Some popular dishes include mussels, mountain oysters, and wild pork. You get to interact with the Maori people during this festival.

Womad Festival

This is an award-winning festival in New Zealand. During this festival, artists from various parts of the world come together to mix with different cultures. You will see performances from the top artists of different cultures. The focus remains on folk song and dance. You can taste cuisines from various cultures too.

Rhythm and Vines

This is one of the best music and camping festivals in New Zealand. This is a great way to celebrate the new year. You will hear the top artists from around the world performing at the event. If you love going to parties, you will enjoy this festival very much. Camping is also part of the event, making the festival adventurous.

Victorian Fete

New Zealand was a colony of Great Britain. You can still see some old buildings that will remind you of that period. At this festival, people dress up in the Victorian style as a remembrance of those days. You can explore great food and drinks at the festival. You can find unique crafts at the shops.

These festivals are fun to attend. You get to experience the tradition and culture of the people there. You can bring home unique crafts and memories from these events.