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3 Best Casinos In New Zealand

People visit New Zealand for its wonderful natural beauty. But you should also know that New Zealand has very attractive nightlife too. There are many top-class casinos in New Zealand where you can have a good time. Here are some of the best casinos you can find in New Zealand.

Auckland’s SkyCity Casino

This casino is located in the tallest Sky Tower, so you can locate it easily. You will find hundreds and table games and thousands of gaming machines there. It is open 24/7. There is a bar and you can drink all night. They offer learning packages for the newbies so you can learn how to gamble before spending your money.

Hamilton’s SkyCity Casino

This casino is located in a scenic spot and you can see the Waikato River from there. The collection of games is huge. Here also you can get learning packages for those who are new to casino games. You will find slot games, roulette, blackjack, poker, and other games here. They host an event called Money Carlo. If you participate in this event you get a chance to win $4000 cash.

Dunedin’s Casino

This casino is located on the south-eastern coast. The casino will give you a Monte Carlo feel. The gaming rooms are well designed and you will love the lofty staircase and the mosaic flooring.

You will have an amazing time playing casino games like live poker, baccarat, electronic games, and others. You can also access online casinos using your mobile while you are at the casino. You can have a Duelz New Zealand experience.

You will have a wonderful time gambling at these casinos. You will find many restaurants and bars nearby. You can also stay in a hotel to enjoy a weekend of gambling.