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Our blog is about New Zealand, its beauty, and the activities that you can do here. You will learn about the various events and parties that you can host here as well.

Our blog is a good read for tourists and local people who are planning an event or a vacation. Here you will know about the traditional villages in New Zealand, mini-golf lessons, wine tasting, and more.

We are inviting new writers to join our team. If you think you have good knowledge about this niche then you can write for us. We provide good remuneration to our writers and give them the scope to flourish. You can improve your profile as a writer by working for us.

We will promote your site and you on our social media pages. You will get good exposure as an experienced writer in this niche which will give you more writing opportunities in other blogs. If you are interested, you should follow some guidelines.

You should make sure that the articles are not very long and don’t contain any difficult work that our readers won’t understand. You need to write unique articles and make sure that these are not published elsewhere. You should provide relevant images with the articles as well to make the articles more attractive.

You must proofread your article and send it to us by email. Once we receive it, we will review it thoroughly and send you our feedback. You may have to edit the article accordingly and resend it. After we finalize the article, we will publish it on our blog within a short time. Your article will remain in our archive for a long time.

If you have further inquiries regarding the writing position then you can contact us. We will help you to learn more about it and guide you through the whole process.